12 May 2010

The New Cabinet (so far): The Nested Venn Diagram

The Guardian's datablog has just published a breakdown of the cabinet, as announced so far, by various attributes such as sex, education, ethnicity etc. Here's MirĂ³'s view of it on a 5-D nested Venn diagram.


So on the main Venn Diagram we see that 15 (1 + 5 + 5 + 4) of the 22 cabinet ministers so far announced are white males, educated at Oxbridge. Of those 15, 5 are under 45 and went to a private school, 5 are 45 or over and went to a private school, 1 is under 45 and didn't go to a private school and 4 are 45 and over and didn't go to a private school.

Of the remaining seven, five are male and white but didn't go to Oxbridge (1, privately schooled, all 45 or over).

The two who stand out as different are the two women, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi (lower right red disc), who is not male, white, Oxbridge-educated, privately schooled or 45 or over, and Theresa May (next lowest, next right-most red disc), who wasn't privately educated.

The raw data is available from the Guardian Datastore, but since it may be updated, the original table I worked from (as presented by MirĂ³) is here:


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