19 May 2010

The First Cameron Cabinet (Annotated; Final; Venn)

The Guardian's datablog published a breakdown of the cabinet, which has now been updated to include all 29 members and attendees. The Guardian also provided various information about each member, including sex, education, ethnicity etc. I'm hoping the data is now stable, so that this won't need to change again.

Here's an annotated version Miró's view of it on a 5-D nested Venn diagram, with yellow Lib Dems and true blue Tories.


So on the main Venn Diagram we see that 19 (6 +8 + 4 + 1) of the 29 cabinet ministers so far announced are white males, educated at Oxbridge. Of those nineteen

  • six are under 45 and went to a private school;
  • eight are 45 or over and went to a private school;
  • one is under 45 and didn't go to a private school;
  • four are 45 and over and didn't go to a private school.

Of the remaining ten, six are white males.

The raw data is available from the Guardian Datastore; the original table I worked from (as presented by Miró) is here:


Although Miró did most of the work, I did annotation, so it's entirely possible that I have mislabelled the discs.

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