03 July 2015

Rachel Sermanni, Aaron Parks Trio & Apple Music

Most mornings, I get off the bus near the Queen's Hall and see posters advertising gigs for exotic-sounding artists I don't know but who look interesting. Then I make a mental note (or possibly a digital note) to look them up later. Then I forget.

The last couple of mornings, I've said to Siri "Play me some Rachel Sermanni" and "Play me some Aaron Parks Trio" (then, "Play me some AARON Parks trio"; then "Play me some "AARON PARKS TRIO"; sometimes you need to shout at Siri a little). And in the case of Rachel Sermanni, I then booked tickets, and I probably will for Aaron Parks too. (Siri doesn't know how to book tickets yet...)

Anyway, it's pretty great.

But I really wish I could tell the phone to use cellular data for Music but not App Store downloads...