08 February 2011

Demand Generation: the Salad Shooter (Bloom County)

Back in the day (a mere 22 years ago, it seems) The Guardian ran the "holy trinity" of cartoon strips daily—"If...", by Steve Bell, Doonesbury, by G. B. Trudeau, and Bloom County, by Berkely Breathed. (Remarkably, two of the three featured penguins among their lead characters.)

Sadly, the Guardian stopped running Bloom County many years ago (long before the paper's evil deputy editor, Ian Katz, even tried to remove Doonesbury), and I assumed that it had ceased to exist. But there was a pair of strips from Bloom County that I particularly cherished, and have frequently described in the two decades since they ran. This morning, through the power of the internet, I found them. Enjoy (in order), The Salad Shooter Sagas:

Salad Shooter 1

Salad Shooter 2

Even more wonderfully, it transpires that Bloom County still exists, and can be mailed to your inbox daily.